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    – William A. Foster, U.S. Marine & Medal of Honor recipient (1917-45)

Key Features

To create a contemporary look in your work place & home you'll want to incorporate these key elements: color, metal accents, texture, wood tone and lighting.

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Color is Key

Color is Key

Contemporary design is typically offset by neutral colors. When painting your walls you'll want to choose shades of brown, taupe, cream or pure white

Wood Tones

Wood Tones

When it comes to choosing wood surfaces, contemporary designs usually feature very light or very dark tones. With a wide range of woods, finishes, designs and stains to choose from, you can easily create a unique flooring design.

Lighting Up Your Design

Lighting Up Your Design

Lighting is very important in contemporary design, because it is key to illuminating the room's design. There are many lighting choices available to provide interesting, clean lines to accent your contemporary design.

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